Monday, September 27, 2010

Things I Hate

Hate is such a strong word but there is a list I keep of things that I hate. In no particular order they are as follows.

  • Tyler Perry: His movies are just plain horrible. I understand how comedy works. You tell one joke and then if its not that good you reference it later. That is how he has made his movies. He made one okay play then made a lot more of them telling the exact same joke. He sucks.
  • Gospel Music: I hate it. It just sounds like people yelling. Typically out of key.
  • Nickel Back: Oh my God that music is horrible. I have a problem with music that does not solicit emotion. This music is just cookie cutter music put out to make money. All of the songs generally sound the same. Use the same guitar chords and the same gravely Canadian Voice. This is just arena rock music. This is what Poison and Whitesnake would be if they were popular now. Its just music meant to make money. No artistic effort at all.
  • 2% Milk Velveeta Shells & Cheese: This is bull shit. Buy the real thing.
  • Sheets that come off the bed: My wife calls me a sheet Nazi. I literaly will not sleep if the sheets come off of the bed. I will toss and turn and finally get up and pull the sheets to where they need to be.
  • Onions: Dont get me wrong they have a great flavor. I just cant tolerate the texture.
  • Cheap Toilet Paper: That extra dollar you spend really is worth it. Just like aluminum foil.
  • Men that give us all a bad name: Ass holes.
  • Ford Mustangs: The problem with Ford Mustangs are that the people who drive them think that they are driving a Ferrari. Your car cost a fraction of what a sports car cost. You have the honda accord of sports cars. Idiots.
Thats about it. Tell me what you hate.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My mama has many stories about me. One where I hid by the bathroom door and quietly told her to shut up. When confronted about this I simply told My mama that the wall said "shut up". Another story is when she would often find me hidden behind the couch with a bottle of chloraseptic just spraying it in my mouth. The other story that she tells me is that when we would go to WalMart, I would rather go down the shoe aisle than the toy aisle. That brings me to this blog. Shoes. I love them. Whether they be $3000.00 Italian Leather shoes from A. Testoni or $30.00 Converse All Stars. I usually wear either my Chucks, my Nike AirMax or My Georgia Boots. Those are my three shoes you can usually catch me in. Now with that said I have my checkerboard vans that are just dirty enough. I also have my black with gold accents Asics. I have my black adidas with the three white stripes. Sometimes you will catch me in my grey pink and neon green Nike SB Dunks. I may have on my brown Sperrys in the summer time. Or even a pair of old flip flops. My mama always wears flip flops. No matter what the weather is she will have on a pair of flip flops. Now my daddy, thats a different story.
Daddy has never had much. Even as an adult he never cared what designer made his shirts ties or shoes. I also have witnessed him wear a pair of JC Penny shoes until there was a hole in them, then he would just regularly buy new insoles. Daddy wears a pair of lace up vans to cut the grass in. They dont have laces, but hes worn them so long that they don't even give a little. Its like a glove.
I know you may think this is all post about shoes, but its more about filling shoes. If you've ever met my dad, you know within one minute of talking to him that he is a great man. He's the man that everybody knows. He's the man that has no enemies. He's the man that taught me what it means to be a man. My friends look up to him and will occasionally ask his opinion about things rather than talking to their own parents. He's the type of guy I want to be. He has taught me everything, how to tie a neck tie, how to iron pants, how to mow the grass, how to ride a bike, how to cook, how to clean. Now this in no way takes away from my wonderful mother who also has taught me many many things, its just about him now.
Daddy is the glue that holds our family together. I am a better man because he is in my life. He will probably never read this and thats okay. He knows I love him and he doesn't need the praise. Oh well I'm rambling now, but the picture above says it all. Daddy once told me when I was younger that there wasn't anything I could do that wouldn't get back to him. He was right. The picture above is one of my favorites. Its me and my beautiful son playing at the beach, and in the background is Daddy watching over his boys. Its so good to have him in my life. Love you Diddy.