Friday, June 11, 2010

Lucky SOB

I am lucky. I have some of the best people in my life. I know Imp not the easiest person to put up with all the time. I do have my diva moments, but I do have the best people in the world around me. First and foremost is my wife. She is my best friend. She knows every single button to push to make me madder than a hornet and most of the times, she doesn’t push them. I love every second I am around her. Secondly are my mom and dad. They are the type of people, as I am, that if they have something and you need it, then you can have it. They are giving and full of love. Thirdly is my sister. She, aside from my wife, is the person that knows me the best. She is a beautiful strong confidant aunt, sister, fiancĂ© (to Scott) and daughter. Last but certainly not least are my dear friends, my brothers.

Where do I start with them? I cant go in any particular order so I will just do this randomly. My oldest friend is Jarrod. He and I have been friends since I was about two years old. His mother would come and have my mom cut her hair. We would of course play together. Jarrod and I have watched each other grow into men. We have both been their when each of our children were born. We’ve been there through the good and the bad. Jarrod was my best man at my wedding, and if Lezlie and I got married again today he would still be my best man.

I guess we will discuss Chip next. Chip is Bizzaro Nigel. Everything that I am, Chip is the opposite (well not everything). I am passive aggressive, Chip is not. I am horrible with money, Chip is not. I am not an athlete, at all. Chip is. For these reasons, Chip is the God-father to my child. I want my child to learn everything. There are things that I can’t teach him. Hopefully Chip can.

My friend Brian is one of the kindest friends that I have. Brian reminds me so much of my own parents. Brian is the guy that will put his all into anything he does. He loves his wife intensely. He loves his friends and family just as much. He is the one you can talk too about anything, he may not give advice but he will listen. He is not the type to make you feel bad about anything. He is my most loving friend.

One friend is like my little brother. He is a transplant from California but quickly established his place in our group. Jeremy has been here for about five or six years now. Jeremy is the one I share with the most. He knows all my secrets. He is my take care of business friend. He is the one I can call on if I truly need anything.

Jason Foster is a nomad. He travels around lighting in a place for a little while and then he gets a notion and packs up and leaves. Jason is the friend that is most like me. We share similar interests in many things. I enjoy having him around and am sad to see him go. Jason will be missed as he travels to New Orleans. Jason is the guy that is content to sit around the house watching what ever and just as at ease in a crowded bar. Jason does not lose his cool, at least not on the surface.

Now I have intentionally left people out. This is just phase one. These are the guys that have done or will do me the honor of writing to my son. When we found out we were pregnant with Jasper, I thought it would be a good idea to journal and log the events and milestones of his life. This has turned into something else. It has turned into me imparting wisdom to my son, something that he may learn from if anything ever happens to me. During the course of this I decided that I was not enough for my son. I didn’t learn every single thing from my father, what makes me think that Jasper will learn all he needs to know through me. This is when I asked the men I respected most in this world to help me raise my child. They have all been gracious enough to write in Jaspers book for me, each of them imparting a bit of wisdom to my son. For that I am beyond grateful. Now this isn’t all I plan. I have many more friends that I intend to get to write for Jasper. I know they will. So Richard, Dennis Ledford, Dennis Proulx , Dylan, Bill, and Brad, get ready to write gentlemen.


  1. Really look at the hyper links some are really funny.

  2. Nigel, what you are doing is so important for your family and friends. Please don't stop writing. I love the photos embedded in the hyperlinks.

  3. Glad to have you too buddy. You just earned yourself another man date.