Monday, June 7, 2010

Raising a Superhero

I have a 13 month old human tornado. He has the ability to toddle through a room and leave it in utter destruction. He leaves no drinking glass unturned nor magazine un-ripped. Good news for him though. I have prepared for this my whole life. I figured that if I didn't have super powers then it was only natural for my progeny to have them. I feel somewhat like Jonathan Kent. I have to teach him how to control these abilities. The downside to Jaspers new abilities are that he does not know how to yet. I guess thats where child rearing comes in. I get to determine, to an extent how I want this child to turn out. Here is my theory. If I teach him baseball he will undoubtedly hate the dreaded sport in his adult life. My theory is to teach him opposite of what I want him to like. At least thats what made me who I am. Just kidding. In all seriousness I want to raise my child to be kind first and foremost, loving, gracious, funny, patient, confident, and most importantly, a nerd. Now that word has some bad connotation. A nerd is a person, in my opinion, who haves a thorough knowledge or extreme interest in particular things. I am a proud nerd. I have already started the process of making Jasper a nerd. He has several and I mean several super hero tee shirts, just like his mama and daddy. He has already been to the comic book shop with me several times. And he already has a favorite super hero. I don't know what kind of nerd Jasper will be. He may be a comic book nerd, he may be a technology nerd, he may be a sports nerd (these are the worst kind). I plan to prepare him mentally for his job as a super hero. He has to be sharp as a tack, fortunately for us, he already is. He also has to know when to use his superpowers. We also have to prepare him when we find out what his weakness is. Right now its his temper. Its going to be a long road but I know that his mom and I can do it. Its gonna be a fun adventure with him. I hope with all this training that Jasper can be the best super hero around. I also hope his nerd training helps conceal his secret identity.

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  1. Nigel, I don't think what you do with Jasper (as long as it isn't doing drugs or chasing women)is that important. Just spending time with him is the important thing, and, if you take him along when doing things you like to do, he will most likely like those things too, as long as you don't push too hard.