Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Bouncing Baby Boys

It has been a while since I last blogged. In July we had our second baby. Emory Abel Poole. Needless to say daddy hasn't had much time. Its so strange to think that I have so much responsibility. I still see myself as the "cool" college kid that loved throwing parties and talking to girls. Now I have two little flirts of my own. They come out with so much personality. Jasper was a born flirt. He cooed at the women that would walk by, just to get them to look at him at two weeks old. Emory is just now getting to the smiling parts which is really fun. Emory is going to be my little old man. He is unlike me, where he does not require constant attention. He will sit quietly and just watch. Neither Jasper nor I are that way. Two boys. I'm still having difficulty articulating what this means. I'm thinking I will be paying more for doctor visits and less for weddings. I think that best sums it up. There is so much that I want for these boys. So much that I can give. I have talents right??? I mean I can communicate with people. That's what I can do. I want my boys to have the ability to put people at ease when they talk to them. This is I think my one talent, besides making boys. If I could pass on one of my talents to them it would be that. Pray for my boys and pray for their daddy and mommy.

sorry not many easter eggs in this one.

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  1. You can communicate well, Nigel, and what a talent that is!